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The International Forum for India’s Heritage (IFIH) consists of eminent scholars, professors, teachers, artists, scientists, social workers, environmentalists, thinkers and writers from India and abroad. We have come together to promote the timeless and universal values of India’s cultural heritage in all fields of national life. Those values are all the more needed in today’s world which, confronted with the deliberate negligence of ancient ideals, is increasingly devoid of purpose and in search of enduring and meaningful goals.


Since Independence, there has been in India a systematic denigration of Indian culture, perhaps the only one left to offer humankind an alternative to self-destruction through blind materialism or religious fanaticism. We assert the birthright of every Indian man, woman and child to have full access to this cultural heritage in complete freedom — a freedom that our alienating educational system today denies. Only then can India’s ancient culture contribute positively to the changes the country must undergo in order to realize its full potential. To rely purely on dominant Western materialistic methods, however effective at first, can only lead to cultural nihilism and human degeneration, as the West itself is now realizing.


IFIH represents an unprecedented attempt to reach out to millions of Indians and non-Indians who are concerned with this growing rootlessness and deculturization, and have understood the futility of expecting a positive change in human nature without nurturing deeper values that have stood the test of time. Because such Indians have largely been denied a medium of expression in today’s India, IFIH aims at giving them a common and effective voice.


A strictly non-religious, non-ideological, apolitical body, IFIH intends to concentrate on action more than discussion, and plans to evolve and sponsor programmes promoting those cultural values at national and international levels, beginning with the Indian educational system. IFIH also plans to produce quality learning and teaching material, and, as soon as feasible, to design a simple yet comprehensive course on India’s heritage — including aspects such as art, yoga and spirituality, science, archaeology, education, economics and governance, woman and family, Ayurveda, ecology, folk and tribal heritage, traditional knowledge systems. (See details in IFIH’s Programmes.)


Help this unique experiment by becoming a member, participating in IFIH’s programmes or offering your suggestions. Any person or institution supporting IFIH’s Charter is welcome to join.







manur bhava janayaa daivyam janam

“Become the human being, create the divine race....”

(Rig Veda, X.53.6)




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