IFIH’s Programmes

IFIH is starting work in some of the following areas. It needs your support and participation to carry out its programmes successfully. Let us know if you would like to join or sponsor some of the tasks below.


1.    IFIH’s central objective is to have its Charter implemented. To that end, IFIH is initiating a campaign of declarations, petitions, and individual letters to India’s President, Prime Minister, M. P.s, Chief Ministers and State Education Ministers. A press campaign through articles, well-publicized seminars, sponsored advertisements will also be attempted.


2.    IFIH is starting work on the publication of a series of popular, well-produced books on every aspect of India’s heritage. Each book will be 150 to 200 pages, well researched and well written, yet accessible to the average Indian student or parent. Written in English first, they will soon be translated into major Indian languages. IFIH is forming working groups of experts who will prepare such material in the fields of : India’s Heritage, Indian Intellectual Texts, Spiritual Curriculum, Integration of Indian Culture into the existing curriculum, Woman and Family, India’s Archaeological Heritage, India’s Scientific Heritage, India’s Artistic Heritage, Ayurveda, Folk and Tribal Heritage, Ecological Heritage, Traditional Knowledge Systems, and India’s contribution to world civilization.


3.    Based on this material, IFIH will prepare a complete culture course, for which a national certificate will be issued. The course can additionally be imparted through correspondence or on the Internet. IFIH will also seek to create audiovisual material (slides, video cassettes, CDs, etc.) on specific heritage themes, to be distributed or shown at schools, colleges and cultural organizations. Exhibitions highlighting India’s heritage will also be set up and circulated in India. A series of video spots and quality documentaries will also be prepared.


4.    IFIH will support selected students or young people with scholarships for research or cultural programmes. National or regional essay competitions on themes of India’s heritage will also be conducted.


5.    IFIH will cooperate with Universities and other educational institutions, advisory and research bodies. IFIH will also urge the Government of India to establish in every existing University a Faculty for Indian Heritage open to Indian and foreign students and designed for intensive training and research on all facets of classical studies, including India’s scientific heritage.


6. IFIH seeks tie-ups with other organizations whose aims are entirely compatible with the Charter and which are active in cultural, educational or social fields.