Why IFIH ?



In recent years more and more people have become alarmed at the increasing rootlessness and deculturization of most young Indians. One reason for this is the Indian educational system, which has come to exclude Indian culture in the name of “secularism” — a misconceived secularism that imposes cultural nihilism and dry mechanical learning on generations of students, instead of equipping them with deeper human values that have stood the test of time and can help us work out our potential to the fullest. As a result, an Indian child goes through her or his whole schooling while remaining largely ignorant of the essential values of Indian culture.


Another reason is the increasing bias in the Indian media (especially the English-language, so-called “secular” press) against India’s heritage, which at best it regards as good for museums or to attract tourists. Thus many deeply cultured Indians, repositories of this heritage, have very little access to and influence on the general public opinion.


This unnatural situation gave rise to the idea of a forum-cum-network for such eminent, respected Indians to come together and act together, instead of being isolated voices or helplessly silent. Hopefully their joined energies could act as a powerful catalyst for change in the country. In union there is strength.


The idea is not one more association or society, but a flexible, expanding loose structure centred around a strong core of eminent academics, artists, scientists, journalists, writers, social workers, environmentalists etc. It is open to all those who are genuinely concerned with the state of things and eager to do something about it. And not only individuals but also institutions and organizations working towards similar goals in any field. The main focus will be on action more than discussion, and action especially on the educational and cultural fronts.


To grow in strength, IFIH needs the active support of all lovers of India’s cultural heritage, wherever they live. Any person or institution supporting IFIH’s Charter is welcome. Join it as a member, ask your friends to do so too, offer your participation in IFIH’s programmes or your suggestions for new activities.