All cut up about the nation


Nothing is lost if wealth is lost. A lot is lost if health is lost. But everything is lost if character is lost, and today, India lives in a moral vacuum. Surgery is needed to treat the diseased nation, a nation that was once great.

 Today’s children are tomor­row's citizens. So, the system of education should be based on moral and ethical values. Remember the Vedas, Upanishads, and Gita, are addressed to the human race and not to just one section of people. They preach Dharma, tradition, culture and thoughts. We must learn from that. We also need a sense of national identity. We have Bengalis, Andhras, Maharashtrians, etc, but … where are the Indians? Communal actions should be eradicated from all walks of life. Communalism is the enemy of national integration. Our greatest enemies are not outsiders, but Indians themselves.

 India today is not a secular state in the real sense, but a communal state. It is biased in favour of religious minorities for their black votes.

·       There should be uniform laws for all.

·       All citizens should be equal before law.

·       There must be integrity, normal and ethical values.

  Democracy implies the exercise of franchise by all.

 Therefore, I appeal to people to ponder gravely and refrain from trading accusations. Let us install a good national gov­ernment to reap all that is worth­while but hitherto not obtained.


¾ S. Goutham, VII-B

Dolphin Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madurai