IFIHís Functioning


1.   IFIH is structured around three groups :

        a core group of founder members, who include academics, writers, artists, journalists, intellectuals, scientists, environmentalists and social workers ;

        a general group of individual members, from India or abroad, supporting the Forumís objectives ;

        a group and network of institutions and organizations whose aims are entirely compatible with the Charter.

2.   Individual and institutional members, from India or abroad, have to pay a nominal yearly or life membership fee. (A reduced rate is available for students.) Click here for details of membership fees.

3.   IFIHís coordinating body consisting of a few active members takes care of the practical tasks. A charitable trust has been registered for administrative purposes and is applying for standard income tax exemption.

4.   For ease of communication, IFIH has a moderated egroup ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ifih ) restricted to its members. Upon receipt of their membership fees, new members will be added to the egroup if they wish.